Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The voice of a woman....!!!

Silence in life
Pacifying inner pain
Effable but won't
Addicted to fear
Killing inner self
I live today
Not willing to
Give away love

Only I know
Ultion could damage
The whole mankind

written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Amias said...

This was a very interesting take on the prompt Yamini .. It took me a while to look up the word "ultion" which means ...Ultion
Ul"tion\, n. [L. ultio.] The act of taking vengeance; revenge.

This is a very unique word with a very familiar meaning. Thank you for it.

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

Leo said...

i admire the sentiment and passion in ur words dearest Yamii :)
but just a smallest glitch is there... perhaps u could correct it now..
u have missed out the A in Speaking

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

Updated it..!!!

Leo said...

glad u corrected. hope u didnt mind my suggestions! :)

now it looks perfect and the best that i've read on this prompt so far this month! :)

Yamini Meduri said...


Never mind your words are my best make me better and am privileged..!!!

Amity said...

You are right Yamini dear!

Like what Amias said, I was wondering about the meaning of Ultion..but thanks Amias, you answered it!

Very, very nice take on the prompt!

Please drop by my acros, too dear!

Have a great weekend!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you friend..!!!