Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Kripa got up with no other thought in her mind. she got up from her bed and went to the window that showed her most favorite place, once upon a time. She shed into tears when she saw it then.

She managed to get up and move but the memories haunted her very badly that she was unable to get up. she started thinking again about that night, that time that left her in silence.

"I told you i cant manage a relationship." Abhi was sounding helpless.
"when did you ever see me the last time?" Kripa continued with heavy heart.
" I was abit busy with the work."
"Am i not important for you? Wont I second your work atleast?"
"you know my work."
"you were doing the same work when we were in Love. we used to meet every day at that edge of the river"
"I am working for us. I wish to give you a happy life"
"what is the happiness about without you in it?"
"Dont be silly Kripa. think logically"
"i sound silly to you Abhi? you were not like this when we married. you showed me happiness without anything then. why isnt it working now??"
"Try and understand my dear. i cant hold you all the while right?"
"i dont want you to hold me all the while Abhi. i just want to see u atleast once in a day. nothing much i need."
"you know its not possible"
"if its not possible, then what is the need that we stay together? what is it about living alone when we are still under one roof?"
"Ok. I am leaving. Live your life now. there is nothing else " Abhi thew their Marriage ring and left the home shutting the door hard.
Kripa was alone since three years then and had never seen Abhi again. she doesnt know where he is. she is in pain that no words can get down. She left her work and is now living with the money she saved but alone in a small home next to her favorite place of her life. She hasnt spoke to anyone since the last three years except once with her Bank Manager. She is living in silence waiting for Abhi and the death atleast. Friends and one knows about where Kripa is. The only beings who knew about where she was the post man who gets her the money every month and the watchman of her apartment who gets her food to eat every day.

"Come back Abhi. i learned to live without seeing you once in a day. i am learning it since the last three years. I am just living to say "Sorry" please come back....i wish i see you before i take my last breath." the only wish of Kripa.

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Monday, April 27, 2009


ever since i was a little girl
i remember you being with me
you have been the one
picking me up when i fell

you were the one
wiping my tears everytime
bringing me the smiles
that i needed to live

you were the one
helping me be what i am today
encouraging me to live my dreams
and walk to reach my goals

Dear dad, i hope you can see
how much i treasure you
for everything you are
for everything you made me


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Certain hard times

Offered me tears

Never i took them

For the smiles i owned

In me was the desire to live

Now, i am broken into pieces

Every step, i stumbled

Moving towards life

End I found so near

Nerves squeeze with grief

Tomorrow will i ever see??

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Sunday, April 19, 2009


He threw all the papers away and got up to from the chair to have a change. he has been working on an assignment since last three days continuously with out any connection with the rest of the world. he went to the window to see how the day was.

he could see the sunset and the beauty of the beach which brought to him a happy smile on his tired face. "I will spend some time there and i think i will feel good after i come back", he thought.

Abhi closed the door and headed towards the beach. he was feeling good with every site of the outside world and without his notice, he reached the beach very soon. while he was enjoy the beauty of the nature, he found some children playing there and that sight took him to his childhood.

*****some time back*****

"Papa, held it tight, else i may fall.", Abhi was yelling at his dad when he was learning to ride a bicycle.
"don't worry Beta. i am here. you will not fall when i am around." his dad gave him strength.

Abhi soon learned to ride the bicycle. He always used to race with his dad and every time he won.
"Papa, i won" he used to shout with joy but he never knew then, that his dad used to loose to help him win.

wiping his tears, he still stands there watching the boys enjoy the time. he has become so busy with the work that he hardly gets time to meet his dad. Abhi was unable to control the grief, he fell on his knees when he thought of his dad.

He soon took out his mobile phone and dialed.

"Papa, how are you?" he asked with a sad voice.
"Beta Abhi, i am fine beta. how are you? " he could feel the happiness in his dad's voice.
" I am fine papa."
" what happen beta. your voice seems different today?"
"Nothing Papa. am just tired with work."
" take care of your health dear. Work isn't everything."
" definitely papa. i wanted to tell you one thing."
"yeah. tell me"
"MISS YOU DAD..!!!" he couldn't control the tears and with such heavy heart, Abhi cut off the line.


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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Over a life time, it seldom comes
Peeps into your personnel world
Piercing you, to take it
Open the door, it calls you
Rarely we accept it on time
Time delayed, it leaves us off
Unseen distances it goes to
Never it comes back, we tend to think
Inner self tells us that it will
Truth but we dont believe in
Yet, my dear, it knocks you again
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Future they never think
Always they know the truth
To the end it leads
All they know
Lie, they live in

Another after the one
Tear up their heart
They know, but dont stop
Realize,serious they never think
And walk ahead to the door of death
Call it a fashion, but it is an addiction
Thoughts worry us, not them
Ill effects bring us sorrow
On a fine day, they will leave
Not the smoke, but the world.

these are the lines i wrote as a comment for the vinay's acrostic for FATAL ATTRACTION. you can find the inspiration here.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Let others think, but you work too
Enlighten the spirit

Accept the failures
Decide your goal
Every step counts
Remember, it’s the path of life

Live to fulfill your dream

Evaluate your strengths
Analyze your negatives
Develop the strategy of work

Enable it with desire to prove

Ride through your life, confidently

Leave all the fears back
Experience the positive you
Aspire to be the best
Determine to work hard
Else you may loose
Raise the first step, be the LEADER

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Inner me helpes me write
Newer thoughts i get
Swinging in the dream land
I am now here
Going to write the prompts
Heaven i amy not show
The beautiful life i make u feel
Surely come again, to check me out

Yet to start the wonders
Am ready to do them
Make sure you are here
Making this a wonderful place
Inspiring me with your thoughts too

Improper i may sound
Nice i will become here after
So, please share your feelings
I promise, they are all counted
Given back, with nice lines agan
High i will stand, reading your comments
Turning back to write more
Share your insights, feel free