Saturday, February 27, 2010


Many traditions, many cultures

Yet happily living together

Citizen of my country

Over everyone definitely recognized

Unique personality we possess

Natural gift our love

True beauty our land

Rest all our right

Yes, am an INDIAN

Written for
Acrostic Only..!!!


Sisters of the world
Infer from the past
Stay together, be one
To fight the crime
Earnestly for little girls
Rise up from ashes
History not to repeat
Owe our life fighting
Only to save them
Desperately let us work

written for: Acrostic Only..!!!


Mother’s love, father’s care

Yearn to earn more

Fine nest built with

Amazing joy, dearest love

Making life fully enjoyable

I and my family

Learned only to love

You are loved too

Written for: Acrostic Only...!!!