Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Kripa got up with no other thought in her mind. she got up from her bed and went to the window that showed her most favorite place, once upon a time. She shed into tears when she saw it then.

She managed to get up and move but the memories haunted her very badly that she was unable to get up. she started thinking again about that night, that time that left her in silence.

"I told you i cant manage a relationship." Abhi was sounding helpless.
"when did you ever see me the last time?" Kripa continued with heavy heart.
" I was abit busy with the work."
"Am i not important for you? Wont I second your work atleast?"
"you know my work."
"you were doing the same work when we were in Love. we used to meet every day at that edge of the river"
"I am working for us. I wish to give you a happy life"
"what is the happiness about without you in it?"
"Dont be silly Kripa. think logically"
"i sound silly to you Abhi? you were not like this when we married. you showed me happiness without anything then. why isnt it working now??"
"Try and understand my dear. i cant hold you all the while right?"
"i dont want you to hold me all the while Abhi. i just want to see u atleast once in a day. nothing much i need."
"you know its not possible"
"if its not possible, then what is the need that we stay together? what is it about living alone when we are still under one roof?"
"Ok. I am leaving. Live your life now. there is nothing else " Abhi thew their Marriage ring and left the home shutting the door hard.
Kripa was alone since three years then and had never seen Abhi again. she doesnt know where he is. she is in pain that no words can get down. She left her work and is now living with the money she saved but alone in a small home next to her favorite place of her life. She hasnt spoke to anyone since the last three years except once with her Bank Manager. She is living in silence waiting for Abhi and the death atleast. Friends and one knows about where Kripa is. The only beings who knew about where she was the post man who gets her the money every month and the watchman of her apartment who gets her food to eat every day.

"Come back Abhi. i learned to live without seeing you once in a day. i am learning it since the last three years. I am just living to say "Sorry" please come back....i wish i see you before i take my last breath." the only wish of Kripa.

Written for Tell A Tale


Story Teller said...

That was a very good story. You certainly have a good story telling ability. Not everyone has that. I see you used the original picture and not the one I posted on TaT... anyways... putting a source link of the original will do good, what say?

Thanks for taking part. The first ever Contest is going to start from Next Week. Do come back and participate. Also, bring in your friends. Thanks for Supporting TaT.

Write On!

yamini meduri said...

@Story Teller

thank you dear...!!!

will defly come back..!!!

Anonymous said...

storyteller is new to your stories, where as i am not! and i knew you would have written a brilliant one even before you told me to read! :)

and you have done exactly that! :)

Amias said...

Sometimes what we ask for is seldom what we want. I enjoyed this.

Old Grizz said...

silence of the broken heart. s very sad story worthy of a good writer

yamini meduri said...


thanks Vinay....but i thought i could be better..!!!

yamini meduri said...

thanks dear..!!!

yamini meduri said...

@Old Grizz

thanks dear...!!!i am delighted..!!!

Tan said...

Good Story... Hmmm... I like story writers who know to express a thought and write around it in few words... a story!

Well narrated.. enjoyed reading :)

Femin Susan said...

it is my first time here in your blog.I liked the first blog beginning picture very much. I have never seen a peacock with white feather or have heard about it. or is that some sort of another bird. anyway liked it.

Sometimes what we ask for is seldom what we want. I enjoyed this.Thanks for sharing.

Dee Martin said...

Loneliness and broken heartedness are silence - very moving.

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear..!!! keep coming..!!

yamini meduri said...


its a white peacock..i have seen it in person...wen i actually stood by it to take a dancied with her feathers open...its beautifull...!!!

and thanks yaar...keep coming..!!!

yamini meduri said...

@Dee Martin

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linda may said...

That is a sad story, poor Kripa.

yamini meduri said...

@Linda May

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pisku said...

Nice Nice!

yamini meduri said...


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Gauri Mathur said...

Keep up the good work dear!

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