Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Future they never think
Always they know the truth
To the end it leads
All they know
Lie, they live in

Another after the one
Tear up their heart
They know, but dont stop
Realize,serious they never think
And walk ahead to the door of death
Call it a fashion, but it is an addiction
Thoughts worry us, not them
Ill effects bring us sorrow
On a fine day, they will leave
Not the smoke, but the world.

these are the lines i wrote as a comment for the vinay's acrostic for FATAL ATTRACTION. you can find the inspiration here.


Anonymous said...

if mine was inspiration for u, i feel many will get inspired by yours! :)

it was beautiful! :) no no, it IS beautiful! :)

CHANDU said...

-----NO COMMENTS-------!!

anthonynorth said...

Powerful words.

Anonymous said...

i really liked this !! will be back to read more :)

!nversed Poignancy! said...

Lovely and power-packed..
Really nice thoughts..:)

Amias said...

Thanks for joining the fun!

This was inspiring and powerful. You and Leo had the same thing in mind .. smoking is one of the worst fatal attractions in the world .. and my daughter suffers from it.

Do come back and play with us again.

yamini meduri said...


thanks friend..!!! i hope my dad does first..!!!

yamini meduri said...


no comments ani rase kadiki enduku ra comment cheyadam...waste fellow..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear..keep coming..!!!

yamini meduri said...

@Pretty me

thanks yaar..!!!

yamini meduri said...

@Inversed Piognancy

thanks friend...keep coming..!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks buddy....this was written in the comment form of Leo's acrostic...so had the same thought..!!!