Sunday, April 19, 2009


He threw all the papers away and got up to from the chair to have a change. he has been working on an assignment since last three days continuously with out any connection with the rest of the world. he went to the window to see how the day was.

he could see the sunset and the beauty of the beach which brought to him a happy smile on his tired face. "I will spend some time there and i think i will feel good after i come back", he thought.

Abhi closed the door and headed towards the beach. he was feeling good with every site of the outside world and without his notice, he reached the beach very soon. while he was enjoy the beauty of the nature, he found some children playing there and that sight took him to his childhood.

*****some time back*****

"Papa, held it tight, else i may fall.", Abhi was yelling at his dad when he was learning to ride a bicycle.
"don't worry Beta. i am here. you will not fall when i am around." his dad gave him strength.

Abhi soon learned to ride the bicycle. He always used to race with his dad and every time he won.
"Papa, i won" he used to shout with joy but he never knew then, that his dad used to loose to help him win.

wiping his tears, he still stands there watching the boys enjoy the time. he has become so busy with the work that he hardly gets time to meet his dad. Abhi was unable to control the grief, he fell on his knees when he thought of his dad.

He soon took out his mobile phone and dialed.

"Papa, how are you?" he asked with a sad voice.
"Beta Abhi, i am fine beta. how are you? " he could feel the happiness in his dad's voice.
" I am fine papa."
" what happen beta. your voice seems different today?"
"Nothing Papa. am just tired with work."
" take care of your health dear. Work isn't everything."
" definitely papa. i wanted to tell you one thing."
"yeah. tell me"
"MISS YOU DAD..!!!" he couldn't control the tears and with such heavy heart, Abhi cut off the line.


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Amias said...

Sometime we get so busy with little things we forget about the most important things .. love ones, especially parents. I enjoyed this.

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear..!!

very true...we forget the world for some little things...hope it does happen with our lives..!!!

Ms.R. said...

This was so touching.

Story Teller said...

A good story. I loved the way you mentioned simple things in life. We need to pay attention at times.

Thanks for participating. Next prompt up in two days :)

yamini meduri said...

@Story teller

thanks was my pleasure to participate..!!!

thanks again..!!!

yamini meduri said...



Rajesh said...

that is a truly beautiful image

Amal Bose said...

that was beautiful.. really touching.
we tend to forget those who love us in our quest to achieve more