Friday, December 18, 2009


elebrating joyously,
Heavenly special smiles
Ripening the fruits of love
In between the snow flakes
Santa makes every wish true
To make us happiest
May the happiness remain
As our angels, above
Sing for us and our joy..!!!

written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Amity Me said...

it's really Christmas here Yamini....:)

i like your take on the christmas acrostic will be up maybe tomorrow but am done with my draft...:)

good morning Yamini!

yamini meduri said...


Good morning waiting to read your Christmas acro...!!!

All the best dear..!!

Amias said...

I like this Yamini ... it says Christmas.

Remove the comma after "joyously" and "angels" and remove the periods and exclamation marks. This is a keeper.

The last line needs work, try ...

"Sing songs of joy"

Just an idea, you can try another.

Yamini Meduri said...


thanks dear...will rework on it for sure..!!!