Monday, October 5, 2009


All eighteen
Stand to hit
Every ball

all you hit
Away may it go
Long runs
Love to make..!!!

written for Acrostics Only...!!!


Anonymous said...

Yammi, u r off on acrostic this month? :(

between all eighteen stand to hit every ball...
didnt make sense to me.. dint have the flow!

yamini meduri said...


actually yaar....even i dint find it rightly done..!!!

will try it again..!!!

Maggie said...

In the game of baseball there are 9 players on each team and when one team plays another team there are 18 players in the game wanting to stand at the plate and hit every ball and make long runs.

Good read.

Amias said...

I understood this very well, it made sense to me, I also loved the flow of it.