Monday, September 28, 2009


Morning, every day
Am I waking up
Kaizens in life, for
In life to come up
Never to give up
Gain wealth, I desire

May it be toughest
Only I will face
Not any else in world
Ever can be me
Yearn to earn will never die..!!!

Written for Acrostics Only...!!!


Amias said...

But do you enjoy making money? Someone once told me when I was young that if you don't enjoy your job, you will not gain much wealth from it.

Yes, old as I am, my "yearning to earn" is still alive and kicking.

Anonymous said...

hey Yammi, this was good! but still can be better! :)
umm, i think what Amias means is that the money earnt without having fun in ur job doesn't mean much to anyone! :)

yamini meduri said...


money is always secondary dear....but i believe money is something that will help you help others in a to me it is important..!!!

yamini meduri said...


even i believe in it yaar....happiness is not always about the money you earn..!!!